Monday, June 27, 2011

A Big Week for Mayor Bach

This will be a big week for the mayor under our new system of government.

Under the new Charter, the Mayor is required to promulgate a strategic plan for the City of Colorado Springs, including a 5 year capital improvements plan.  The charter requires this plan be used as the foundation for preparing the city budget.  While there is no date placed on the promulgation of the Mayor’s Strategic Plan, if it is to be used to prepare the city budget, it had better be published soon, as city departments have to begin the 2012 budgeting process in the next two or three weeks.  How can anyone begin to prepare a budget without knowing the Mayor’s strategic plan?

Also, and this requirement does have a definite due date, June 30th and semiannually thereafter, the mayor must publish “a report on the financial condition of the City that identifies material changes, both positive and adverse.”  City Charter, Chapter 4, §40(b)(2).  I doubt it will be ready on June 30th, but my fingers are crossed.

Finally, Mayor Bach is set to deliver his first “State of the City” address to the Chamber of Commerce.  The event was sold out, but a change in location has reopened registration allowing more people to attend.  I only hope that Steve Bach wrote the speech himself.  If he did, it will be a refreshing change from many of the recent past “State of the City” addresses.

More later on these items.

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  1. Randy,

    The Charter requires only the report on the financial condition of the City on June 30. It does not require the Strategic Plan be completed by June 30. Just wanted to calrify that. I do understand the issue around the Strategic Plan and the basis for the budget; it was not intended to be an albatross in the first year but it a strict reading might cause some difficulty.

    Kevin Walker