Saturday, March 26, 2011

Missing In Action?

Something peculiar is going on.  The ballots were mailed about a week to 10 days ago.  Voters’ completion and return of ballots is a bimodal event.  Voters either complete their ballots immediately and mail them back to the elections clerk; or the ballots sit on the kitchen counter for a few weeks and then with the deadline approaching, the voters complete them and turn them in just before Election Day.  The candidates know this and typically time their campaign ads to the voters’ activity.  Skorman had some ads up when the ballots went out, but has since fallen silent.  Bahr seems to be missing in action.  He did not have any media ads playing as the ballots were sent to the voters, just a mailer timed to hit the mailboxes with the ballots.  However, Bach has been all over the airwaves, on radio and television continuously since the ballots were mailed.  How come?

Are Skorman and Bahr confident in their tracking polls and thus coasting to the April 5 deadline?  Is Bach trying to slip into second place at the finish line?  Or is he trying to demonstrate that he has run the good race, doing all he could?

I’ll tell you more about 8:00 pm on April 5th.


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